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Articol: Cine ne ajută să aplicăm la birou ceea ce am învățat la un curs?
Proiect FSE POS DRU „Promovarea accesului angajaţilor din industria de morărit, panificaţie, patiserie, cofetărie la Programe de FPC inovatoare, moderne, de calitate europeană”

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downloadAbout the project

VETWORK is a EU network to strengthen collaboration between VET providers and the world of work. It was approved within the Leonardo da Vinci Programme in October 2012. Although the project is expected to last for three years, the objective is to create a dynamic network which can keep collaborating in the future.

VETWOR aims to offer a larger initiative where different actors involved in VET, employment and territorial strategies can work together in a sustainable perspective to ensure a strong impact to their common actions, in line with the priorities and strategic objectives of the Bruges Communiqué for new skills for new jobs and as a necessary condition for sustainability of project outcomes and results at two levels:

  •      The governance level through stakeholders’ systematic collaboration (e.g.: identification of new skills for learners, VET and in-company trainers, definition of agreed quality criteria and processes, etc.) and;
  •      The implementation level to maximise effectiveness and impact of mixed/blended VET/workplace training paths. To do so, the project implies three main components: research, development and networking. The focus area of the project will be the area of training integrating Work Based Learning (WBL) and VET providers training and support services.

VETWORK – The innovating elements

The main innovating elements featuring VETOWRK are:

  • The provision of a benchmarking system and tool (validated by educational institutions and companies) measuring the effectiveness of integration between VET, in-company training and WBL.
  •  The provision of practical guidelines and policy recommendations jointly developed with the direct beneficiaries to support the training sector; educational institutions, companies and decision makers in effectively improving the levels of integration, with positive effects on individual empowerment and mobility of learners, as well as on VET attractiveness and innovation closer to the world of work.


Aims to provide preliminary qualitative information on:

  • the initiative features
  • the implementation context
  • the level of VET-workplace integration within the initiative