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Project: Quality in a knowledge based economy!

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VETWORK – The specific objectives:

    • To provide a set of success stories of integration between VET and the world of work focusing combined VET/workplace training for young people and adults. Such good practices shall show innovative and creative elements and strategies to reduce the implementation gap existing between what is learnt through VET and what is applied (and needed) at the workplace, particularly in view of innovation processes (in line with the New Skills for New Jobs initiative);
    • To design, develop and test a benchmarking system matching the micro-meso needs of companies, employers and VET providers (measuring effectiveness in reducing the implementation gap and assisting them in strategy redefinition for performance improvement) and the macro-needs of European VET as expressed in the Bruges Communiqué (methodological and organisational innovation, excellence, quality assurance, assessment and certification of formal and informal learning, mobility);
    • To launch a consensus building exercise involving networks representing relevant stakeholders in VET and the world of work on challenges and recommendations for the innovation of European VET (representatives of social partners, enterprises, education and training providers, trainers, employment services, public authorities, research organisations, learners) who will contribute through thematic discussions on: methodological and organisational innovation, excellence, quality assurance, assessment and certification of formal and informal learning, mobility;
    •  To maintain and make sustainable an on-line Learning Community where VET providers, companies, employers and relevant stakeholders can virtually meet and exchange practices and experiences in a bench learning perspective;
    • To provide of a set of recommendations to policy and decision makers for VET innovation in a more integrated perspective between VET and the world of work addressing the policy as well as the implementation dimension;

WP1      Methodology

WP2      Good Practices Identification and analysis

WP3      Benchmarking system definition and testing

WP4      Piloting and validation of VETWORK benchmarking

WP5      Consensus Building and  Mainstreaming

WP6      Dissemination and    valorisation


  • EVTA – the European Vocational Training Associations
  • EVBB – the Europäischer Verband Beruflicher Bildungsträger (European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training)
  • The Chamber of Commerce of Granada (Spain)
  • FiaTest