Q4I Approach Quality for Innovation in European Schools

Project: Quality in a knowledge based economy!
WOODUAL – Wood sector and Dual Learning for Youth Employment and Skills

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The Q4I Areas of change (corresponding to the macro criteria in the „EFQM quality terminology”) are:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy Development
  • Human Resources Management
  • Community involvement
  • Innovation Process
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Assessment, Monitoring and Improvement

The Q4i Areas of Development are:

1.     Key competences in educational process

2.     Digital skills to support learning processes

3.     Creativity and innovation attitudes and skills

4.     Intercultural Consciousness and Multilingual skills

Areas and engines of change are interconnected within the model. The core of the model is the Innovation Process (where the four engines/areas are placed), enabled by Leadership through Strategy Development, Human Resources Management and Community Involvement, measured by Key Performance Indicators and monitored by Assessment, Monitoring and Improvement.

Q4I Model is based on a non-prescriptive spirit with a high degree of adaptability, for the following reasons:

  • The focus is on results, not on procedures and tools.
  • Organizations are encouraged to develop and demonstrate creative, adaptive, and flexible approaches for meeting improvement and innovation objectives.
  • The support is intended to foster incremental and major (“breakthrough”) improvements, as well as basic change through innovation.
  • The selection of tools and techniques depends on the school organization type and size, organizational relationships, organization’s stage of development, teachers and staff capabilities and responsibilities.
  • A focus on common criteria, rather than on common procedures, fosters understanding, communication, sharing and integration, while supporting innovation and diversity in approaches.

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