3aInformation is one of the most important resources of an organisation. The protection of this resource is of extreme importance, as it ensures the continuity of processes, provides a competitive advantage and preserves the image of a strong organisation which can manage effectively both its own and partners information. The internal security risks , as well as human errors cannot be totally eliminated, but they can be reduced to an easily manageable level, by programs of information security, and by personnel training.

FiaTest is one of the first Romanian companies which provide services of information security management. Since 2003, we support our clients in all aspects regarding security, such as IT network , system or application security, physical protection or organisational safety.

Based on the guides and requirements of ISO/IEC 27000 standards, we tackle the sensitive problems of the effective management of risks by providing a large range of services of training, consultance, implementation of systems, as well as technical and organisational audits.

Services to be provided:

Support services for the Information Security Management System in conformity with ISO/IEC 27001 Standard:

  • Development of organisational security policies and standards;
  • Risk analysis and evaluation;
  • Design and implementation of IT/ physical security system;=
  • Security training and awareness;
  • Security audits and evaluations; vulnerability analysis, penetration tests;
  • Incident Management; Preparation for activity continuity;
  • Selection and evaluation of products and providers.