Environment/Occupational Health and Safety

2aIn order to comply with the legal requiremets of environment, occupational health and safety, organisations should focus on the continuous improvement of their activity, in order to ensure, the control of the environmental impact generated by their activities and processes, on one hand,  and the control of the exposure to occupational health and safety risks of their personnel, on the other hand.

FiaTest uses its 15-year experience in implementing management services in order to evaluate together with its clients the level of preparation for the certification of the environment and occupational health and safety management systems. We aim not only at obtaining the certificate, but at the implementation of an effective management system which should cut down losses, raise the spirits of the personnel and, on long term, create the culture of social responsibility and sustainable development.

FiaTest has assisted more than 400 companies, not-for-profit organisations and public institutions to be certified or accredited, to design and implement an efficient and effective management system and, on long term, to answer the improvement requirements.

Services to be provided:

  • Development of organisational policies and standards for environment, occupational safety, equal opportunities, sustainable development, social resposibility;
  • Evaluation and audit of compliance with the legal requirements;
  • Consultance for the identification, evaluation and management of environmental, occupational health and safety risks;
  • Training and awareness: management, auditors, company trainers, operational teams;
  • Implementation of Environmental/ OHSAS Management Systems in conformity with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2008 Standards;
  • Consultance for the implementation of a Waste Management System;
    Improvement of environmental  and OHSAS performances.