5aA project which has been successfully implemented is a development opportunity for all organisations of any type, size or area of activity. FiaTest is prepared to adapt every process of the project management to the specific needs of the organisation and  to evaluate together  with the client the eligibility of the project ideas.  We identify the best financing source and go together along all the stages , from the the writing and the application of the project proposal to the contracting, implementing and coordinating stages of project activities.

FiaTest has a large experience in project management and we do not restrict ourselves to merely complying with requirements of the financing body. We want and we know how to make things run well and easily and we share with our clients best practices in project development, our experience in implementation, the advantages in tackling problems as projects, or modalities to identify, and diminish risks which could appear in project management.

Since 2000 we have been project leaders or partners in over 60 national and international projects (UE, BM, BERD) and we have provided project management assistance to various private and public organisations in the running of projects financed by PHARE and Structural Development Funds (Development of Human Resources (POS DRU), Development of Economic Competitiveness (POS CCE),Development of Administrative Capacity (PODCA).

Services to be provided:

  • Analysis of financing opportunities;
  • Services of design and writing of project application;
  • Development of business plan;
  • Assistance in project implementation:
  • Externalization of project management;
  • Acquisition consultance;
  • Support for reports in conformity with the requirements of the financing body.