6aThe sustainable success of an organisation is ensured by its capability to constantly cope with the needs and expectations of all interested parties on a long term basis (clients, shareholders, stakeholders, community).

In order to develop such capabilities, the organisation needs  vision and leadership on behalf of the management team, but it should also apply a coherent set of management tools, based on the involvement of the whole personnel in the continuous improvement of results.

Together with its clients, FiaTest develops organisational improvement programs based on the principles and criterias of Total Quality Management and of the Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), a management framework used by 30.000 organisations from all over the world, in order to evaluate and improve the organisational performances.

Services to be provided:

FiaTest uses the principles and criterias of the EFQM Model as an integrative factor for:

Development of a shared vision of the team management regarding the strategy for the organisational continuous improvement;
Training and awareness for continuous improvement;
Development of continuous improvement capabilities:

  • Leadership
  • Processes
  • Teams

Strategy Management and Performance Management;
Performance evaluation, benchmarking and self evaluation based on the criterias of the EFQM Model;
Preparation for the participation in the Excellence competitions(The European Award for Excellence, Regional Awards for Excellence).